Atlanta Military Figure Society

Grand Masters

All potential Grand Masters have to receive three consecutive gold awards in a five year period to be considered for Grand Master status. After achieving the gold medal requirement, candidate must demonstrate a willingness to promote the club, show, and hobby to the existing Grand Masters. Upon being selected, the candidate will be promoted to Grand Master status at the following year’s show. 

1.     Mike Hall

2.     Mike McCowen

3.     Mike Stelzel

4.     Larry Munne

5.     Phil Kessling

6.     Jim Johnson

7.     Ron Wehrman

8.     Ron Souza

9.     Chris Walther

10.   Al Safwat

11.   Bob Langenberg

12.   Jon Harbuck

13.   Bob Sarnowski

14.   Alan Ball1

5.   Marion Ball

16.   Bill Chilstrom

17.   Matt Springer

18.   Kreston Peckham

19.   Rod Curtis

20.   Mike Blank

21.   Anders Heintz

22.   Dan Tisconick

23.   John Jefferies

24.   John Long

25.   Rusty Nail

26.   David Hood