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Special Show Figure Order

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between AMFS and FeR Miniatures which has resulted in the creation of a new figure in 75MM. The figure, represents an NCO of the Clinch Rifles, who later became Company A, of the 5th Georgia Infantry, in their 1860 Dress Uniform.

There is an exclusivity to the figure in that it will only be available wearing the dress cap when purchased at the Atlanta Show. The piece will be released by FeR at a later date but the dress cap will be replaced with a standard kepi. Note that the kepi will also be included in the AMFS kits. The original issue of the figure will be limited so we are offering them on a “pre-sale/reserve” basis. Your figure must be picked up at the Atlanta Show as there are no plans at this time to ship.

The cost of this gem is only $45. A great price for a 75mm FeR figure, even if it were not special.. FeR’s later release will reflect their price structure

To reserve your copy or request more information contact

This is a limited edition and available only at the show, Feb 15-17, 2019. If there are un-purchased castings after the show, this will be announced and they will be sold on a first come basis.

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