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Fernando Ruiz Workshop at the AMFS Show

The AMFS Show in 2019 has a workshop scheduled! We are excited to have Fernando Ruiz host a figure painting workshop for attendees of the show. The workshop will take place at the show location two days before the start of the show, Feb 13 – 15. The class will take a total of around 16 hrs over the course of three days, half days on the beginning and last day with a full day on the second.

Fernando will be demonstrating a popular way of painting called the “Spanish School” style using acrylics on one of his FeR Miniatures figure. Students will receive personal attention from Fernando. It is a small class of 15, so be sure to sign up quick to reserve a seat if you are interested. Seats are already halfway full!

Fernando will be providing two figures for the workshop, the Random Encounter Bust and Rurik, Prince of Holmgard. They are special figures that are only available through the class!

To learn more about the workshop and download the form for signing up, check out our page with details on the Fernando Ruiz Workshop.

FeR Random Encounter Bust

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